Green For All Launches The Dream Reborn Song Competition: Contest honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy with economic justice, green solution songs


January 22, 2013

Alyssa Cocchi

OAKLAND, Calif. – Green for All (GFA) is kicking off The Dream Reborn Song Competition today to honor the legacy and call to service of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The contest lifts up the voices of young artists calling for economic, social and environmental justice. 

Artists will submit their songs through the GFA website and the three songs with the most “likes” will be among the finalists considered for the grand prize – $1,000 and the opportunity for GFA’s award winning video production team to produce and pay for the song’s music video.

The Ludacris Foundation will work with GFA to judge the three finalists. Judges will evaluate the songs based on how well they tap into the themes of community power, self-determination and making a change.

“Music has been and always will be a critical part of our movement for justice,” said Green for All Campaign and Partnerships Manager Julian McQueen. “The competition allows us to give aspiring musicians the chance to use their voices for social justice, like Dr. King, and to shoot a clean music video without cleaning out their bank accounts.”

In the past, GFA shot music videos for “The Dream Reborn” by Markese, “A Change is Needed" by the Climate Change Crew, and "7 Billion” by last year’s Dream Reborn Contest winners, Silent C and Invest. These inspirational videos can also be found on the GFA contest page.

“We should all have access to living wage jobs, healthy food, and clean air and water,” said last year’s Dream Reborn Contest winner, Invest.  “Since I grew up without any of these things, Green For All’s mission resonated with me and I wanted to plug into the movement in the best way I could. The Dream Reborn contest presented that opportunity.”

To hear more about Invest and the “7 Billion” video that showcases his family’s struggles, click on the blog link here

The Dream Reborn Song Competition webpage can be found here.

Cash prizes are also available for second and third place finalists.   

About Green For All 

Green For All is a national organization dedicated to improving the lives of all Americans through a clean energy economy. The organization works in collaboration with the business, government, labor, and grassroots communities to create and implement programs that increase quality jobs and opportunities in green industry – all while holding the most vulnerable people at the center of its agenda. For more information, please visit


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