Green For All Joins LeBron James at the King For Kids Bike-A-Thon

Authors: Julian Mocine-McQueen This weekend, Green For All will join LeBron James and his LeBron James Family Foundation at the King For Kids Bike-a-thon,an event highlighting the need for young people to stay active and stay healthy. Green For All will be represented by super star Green For All Fellow Gigi Traore and her Power Network. The Power Network is a statewide organization in Ohio that works to empower young people to be the leaders of today and tomorrow. What will Gigi and her power volunteers be doing? They will be helping to ensure that while the Bike-a-thon highlights the need to be active to keep our bodies healthy, it also lets folks know how they can be active to keep our planet healthy, too.

Gigi (right) and the Power Network with hip hop artist Drake Green For All is proud to be the nonprofit partner to both educate participants and help make the event more sustainable. At our "Keep It Cool" booth, we'll have some fun ways to learn about sustainability and provide information on how people can make their lives more green. Beyond the booth, we'll be stationed at recycling and waste stations during the event to make sure folks know how to properly dispose of waste, and after the event to make sure that waste gets to right place. This weekend, with the help of the Power Network, LeBron, and the Akron community, Green For All will celebrate the responsibility and power we all have to promote the health of our communities and protect the health of our planet.

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