Green For All Fellow is Author of of new, bestselling book, Green Deen

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Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, GFA fellow 2008, is author of the new, bestselling book, GREEN DEEN: What Islam Teaches About Protecting the Planet. In stores officially last Thursday, November 11th, Green Deen has already topped Amazon's environmental bestsellers list! The book is available everywhere books are sold.

GREEN DEEN: What Islam Teaches About Protecting the Planet makes a spiritual case for environmentalism, in which humanity is compelled to care for the Earth not just in response to scientific data, but because of a sacred duty to one another, to Allah (God), and to the Earth itself.

Ibrahim first thought to write Green Deen after attending Green For All's The Dream Reborn conference in Memphis, Tennessee in April, 2008. There, he met a Memphis local who said, "Climate change is something Democrats want me to be afraid of. Just like Republicans want me to be afraid of terrorists." In that moment, Ibrahim realized that unless the Green Movement spoke to something deeper, something more divine, hundreds of thousands of Americans would be left uninterested, uninvolved.

As a practicing Muslim, Ibrahim decided to write Green Deen as a call to action for his own community. Deen is translated as "religion" or "path" in Arabic. Focusing on four areas – waste, watts (energy), water, and food – he shows how individual Muslims and Muslim communities can and already do follow a Green Deen. Rich with success stories, such as that of the Muslim community in Chiapas, Mexico that lives entirely off the grid, or Oakland, California’s Light House Mosque, which has banned the use of paper plates, Styrofoam, and plastic during the feast that breaks the Ramadan fast, Green Deen draws Muslims and environmentalists to a single discussion.

But, Green Deen is not just for Muslims. It's relevant for all people of faith, citing scriptural passages from Quran, Bible, and Talmud that support environmentalism. Green Deen reminds communities and individuals of their worth and impact on the environment, encourages them to work together for a better world. Stirring readers to feel a spiritual accountability and inspiring them to action, Green Deen, will motivate people of all faiths and orientations to live in closer harmony to the Earth, with a greater understanding of humankind’s responsibility to protect it.

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