Green for All Convening a National Working Group on Stormwater Infrastructure

Authors: Emily Gordon On March 1-2, 2012, Green for All will be convening national experts and practitioners to discuss an emerging crisis and opportunity: our crumbling water infrastructure, and the jobs that will result from meeting the challenge. This small Working Group forms the core of our newest Community of Practice focused on Water. For the past four years, our Communities of Practice program has connected thousands of practitioners to share innovations, define best practices, and advance green jobs programs across the country. This week’s convening will focus on:
  • Creating high quality, broadly accessible jobs in the water sector,
  • Building public support for water infrastructure and green infrastructure projects, and
  • Financing stormwater infrastructure projects.
Members of the Working Group stay connected to each other and receive support from Green For All. This convening is part of Green for All’s work to build green infrastructure and jobs in the water sector. Meeting our growing investment needs can create nearly 1.9 million jobs. To learn more, see our recent report "Water Works: Rebuilding Infrastructure, Creating Jobs, Greening the Environment"

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