Green For All Applauds Senate Support of Landmark Air Pollution Standard

Senate voted to protect children, communities of color from dangerous pollutants.

Oakland, CA - Today, Green For All released the following statement in response to the Senate defeat of Senator Inhofe’s destructive resolution that would have weakened the critical Mercury Air and Toxics Standards (MATS) that went into effect earlier this year:

“Today, the Senate beat back powerful corporate interests, and held their ground on ensuring better air quality,” said Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, CEO of Green For All. “Every time we give a polluter a break on the damage they cause to our communities, our most vulnerable citizens pay the price with a shortened life expectancy and chronicle illnesses like asthma and heart disease. A vote against Senator Inhofe’s misguided resolution was a vote for our nation’s children and our future generations, and I applaud the Senators that stood up today for a better future.”

Green For All has been a leader calling on our leaders to improve our air quality and protect the MATS. In a partnership with the NAACP, Green For All released a Tumblr page and toolkit to educate Americans about the importance of protecting these crucial standards, which were designed to protect our nation’s children and communities of color from dangerous toxins.

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