Green for All Applauds Obama’s Climate Resilience Fund


Contact: Alyssa Ritterstein

Calls for Measures to Further Fortify Communities of Color

WASHINGTON—Today, President Obama unveiled new actions the Administration is taking in response to the crippling drought out west as well as proposed a $1 billion “Climate Resilience Fund” to prepare communities for the environmental disasters ahead.

Green for All applauds the President’s climate resiliency efforts and calls on the Administration to further address the unique vulnerability of low-income Americans and communities of color.

Statement of Green for All Executive Director Nikki Silvestri

This isn't an abstract issue. This is personal. Everyone deserves to be safe from disasters like droughts and pollution; no matter where they live or how much money they have.

As President Obama launches his effort on climate resiliency, one of his first priorities must be to stabilize communities on the front lines. We know climate change is bringing a spike in severe weather and disasters. But some of us don’t know that low-income Americans and communities of color are hit first and worst.

We saw it with Katrina and again with Sandy. When disaster strikes, those with the fewest resources have a harder time preparing, escaping, and recovering.

The President’s new actions provide real, effective solutions that will help communities respond to the drought at hand. But, while these actions are worth celebrating, the devastating drought in the west shows how much more we need to do to prepare our communities for the environmental disasters that lie ahead. The President’s new Climate Resilience Fund is a big step in getting us there and should be passed as part of the 2015 budget.

We at Green for All are looking forward to working with President Obama to achieve this goal.


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