Green Competitive Advantage

Entrepreneur: Howard Jean-Denis
Matched Coach: Nancy James

Howard Jean-Denis, Green Competitive Advantage


We are the change we would like to see in the world. Our focus includes education based consulting in the area of sustainable development. We have developed LEED training, carbon accounting modules, and other curriculum to prepare the workforce to address 21st century issues we are now facing. In addition to our curriculum, we have supplied our clients with valuable research and project management services. In October 2012, we won a national award in an ideation challenge for creating a sustainability leadership academy for at-risk youth. The competition was judged by members of the Obama administration, Environmental Defense Fund, Pfizer, BNY Mellon, and other corporations. Our Founder is a decorated U.S. Army veteran with an MBA in Global Business and credentials in several areas of sustainability. Our management team possesses experience in United Nations Clean Development projects, clean technology initiatives, and program development for corporations and K-12 institutions.


Nancy James, The BayPalm Groupe


Nancy E James, Chief Executive Coach of The BayPalm Groupe. Nancy is a CoachVille Certified Coach - ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and past CoachVille Mentor Coach, which positions her in the top 8% of coaches in the International Coach Federation both nationally and internationally. Nancy rounds out her skill set as a Peak Potentials Certified Trainer; Certified PRINT Coach; Certified Retirement, Career & Life Planning Coach and a Certified Wellness Professional Coach. To augment her skill set, she recently became Gamification Certified and Higher Ground Leadership Certified. With over 20 years of mentoring experience, Nancy coaches executives, business leaders, and professionals to win big, working with them so they can achieve their highest level of knowledge, skills and attitude and use their strengths to grow the business. Nancy is a successful, innovative and creative leader. Proficient in communication, she easily engenders trust and inspires clients all over the globe.


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