Green Collar Heroes on The Root

Authors: ada

To celebrate Earth Day last week - The Root "[went] deep on the ties between black people and the earth."

The blog shined light on some of our favorite green-collar heroes, who are working to make the green economy a reality in their communities now. Many of them are also Green For All Academy Fellows.

Check them out in this slideshow.

CEO Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins also made an appearance, writing

"Most of us have been mixing black and green our entire lives. We’ve all had the grandmothers planting gardens in the backyard, garnishing our dinner plates with homegrown goodness. We know about the Afrocentric herbal shops selling natural hair products, skin lotions and essential oils. I remember my favorite vegetarian soul food restaurant as a child.

Now is the time to take all that black and green living and transform it into economic gain.

See, the rising green tide isn’t just about the environment, or lifestyle. It’s also about the economy."

Read on.

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