Green Career Tracks

Entrepreneur: Barbara Lee Parks
Matched Coach: Vivian Padua

Barbara Lee Parks - Green Career Tracks


One of the first green career coaching services in the U.S., Green Career Tracks helps jobseekers and career changers find work that addresses their sustainability values. With offices in Minneapolis and the San Francisco Bay Area, job seekers from all areas of the country have access to individual coaching, webinars, ebooks, and online tutorials. Green Career Tracks offers a new career track model that addresses today’s jobseekers’ three primary needs: (1) How to clarify the best green industry or market sector for you to pursue based on your values and concerns, (2) How to name and claim your skills, talents, and interests that are most relevant and transferable to a green career track that’s right for you, and (3) How to market yourself for a good job in a green economy that’s changing and challenging the way we live and the way we do business.


Vivian Padua, Focus on U Coach


I am passionate about supporting individuals with their business and financial wellness. I have 32 years of experience with relationships, money management, children, and extended families' dynamics. For the past 15 years, I worked with non-profit organizations that provided individuals with basic literacy and financial management skills. I supported low to medium wage earners who were entrepreneurs, business owners, single and dual parent households. This gave me the expertise and insight to support individuals who want forward shift in their lives. This work not only empowers my clients, it confirms to me that what I am doing is exactly what I should be.


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