Gore challenges America: carbon-free electricity in 10 years

Authors: Van Jones Yesterday, in a landmark speech, Vice President Al Gore set forth a challenge to America to transition to 100% carbon-free electricity in the United States within a decade. In addition to addressing environmental, economic, and national security concerns, this effort has the potential to lift people out of poverty and into prosperity. Watch Al Gore's Speech We applaud Vice President Gore for his visionary leadership on climate change and for challenging Americans to dream and act big. The potential for a clean energy economy to address our economic and national security needs while building a brighter environmental future is real. And it begins now. It is a time for Americans and our government to rise to the occasion. Congress has the ability to accelerate our transition to an inclusive, clean, and green economy by supporting a comprehensive set of policies that support job creation and job training. We urge Congress to begin by fully funding the Green Jobs Act. But it cannot and must not end there. Like Vice President Gore, we challenge Congress to take America forward. Green For All is proud to partner with the "We" campaign to build an inclusive green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty.

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