Good Jobs, Green Jobs: Ready to Rock

Authors: ada Green For All Academy Fellow Daniell Washington reflects on her upcoming trip to the Good Jobs, Green Jobs National Conference. Join Daniell and Green For All at Good Jobs, Green Jobs. As I mentally prepare for participating in the Good Jobs, Green Jobs conference in February, its hard to believe that it has been over a month since I was in Oakland at the Green For All Academy. It seems like it was just last week that I was mingling with some of the brightest environmental and social advocates from around the country and learning how to spread the word about the Green Economy in our own communities. Now as an official Green For All fellow, I am honored and excited about going to experience the GJGJ conference. I'm interested in meeting more like-minded people who are giving their best efforts and skill to help lift the nation into a more sensible approach of boosting our withering economy. I believe that this particular conference will be one of the most interesting in light of the historic inauguration of President-Elect Barack Obama that is set to happen only two weeks prior to the conference. And for some reason, I have a feeling that Washington DC is still going to buzz with the excitement of the inaugural festivities once we arrive in the city. I'm hoping to get a taste of that tingling thrill of a new administration and absorb the charge of a fresh new start at our nation's capital. For someone who has never visited Washington D.C. with a specific political agenda to accomplish, I am ready to rock. With an onslaught of activities, workshops and meetings on the game plan, I know those few days at the conference are going to be very hectic. Regardless of the fast-paced schedule, I want to absorb as much information as my mind can possibly hold. Once the workshops and activities are complete, I'm particularly pumped to meet with my state's representatives and other congressional members to discuss the Clean Energy Corps. I want to see the faces of the individuals who are making the critical decisions for my home in the sunshine state and be a part of the force that will make the Green For All vision a reality. As a native of Miami, I am well aware that South Florida is in dire need of an environmental, political and social reboot in its standards. I hope that I will be able to take what I learn at the Good Jobs, Green Jobs conference and truly help propel my community into the Green Economy. Its time for us to take charge in leading our country to a place where we will be able to renew our spirits and grow as one nation reaching for a brighter and better future. As the founder and CEO of the Big Blue & You Foundation, 21 year old Daniell Washington serves as a leader in the South Florida community to inspire, educate and empower today's youth to become better stewards of the Oceans and Earth through fun and educational interactions. Daniell Washington has become an advocate for a green collar economy that will ultimately brighten the future of this great nation and our environment.

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