Good Jobs, Green Jobs and true sustainability

Authors: Jennifer Johns

Jennifer Johns is a musician and artist based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Here she shares some of her experience as a Green For All Academy Fellow at the Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference.

Being apart of the first Green For All Academy has been such a great support to the work that I have chosen for my life! To have comrades across the country dedicated to the same kind of change is WONDERFUL! Which is in part why the Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference was so productive for me. While in DC I got the chance to not only learn more about what is happening in the Blue Green Alliance, what businesses have been created to give jobs to former convicts, but most importantly I got a chance to fellowship with my Green For All Fellows... Go Green For All!!

In the late night hours a bunch of us made plans and wrote verses- We conspired to change the world! This was hands down the best part of the trip! It's a touch premature to share our glorious goals- but let's say that the Green For All Academy class #1 will go down in history!

Jennifer Johns with Green For All Academy Fellows at Good Jobs, Green Jobs.

The conference itself was great. Lots of new people and information! I must say though, I was disappointed that we were all coming together to discuss "GREEN" but there was not a recycling or compost situation in sight. It made me worry that for many, this movement is about a new way of making money- the stimulus package- the new jobs...only!

That's not it! At what point do we really address the paradigm shift that must take place for this to be meaningful for real. If we can't get real basic about the fact that we all have a hand in global warming and that our old practices cannot continue, not because we are running out of fossils to make fuel- but because if we don't change we won't have a planet!

And all the money we are looking to collect out of the stimulus or carbon trading or the new green marketing will be for naught! We have to learn that lesson now! It is so imperative to the SUSTAINABILITY of this movement and the lives of future generations that we educate about the LIFESTYLE CHANGE that this really means. If we don't look at this time as a pivotal opportunity and insist that our colleagues do the same our kids will be having the same conversations 30 years from now. We will again be small groups of people looking at ways to kill poverty. That would be a tragedy!

My fear with this new green economy is that it will be just that... a new capitalistic economy! Trust- I am not entirely against capitalism.

I am against the greed mentality that it can breed and how it has brought us to here. We actually believe that money makes the world go round- PEOPLE make the world go round.

We the people can decide that living simply so that others can simply live is the new fly thing to do. While the marketing for the New America is still being created- and the advertisers are looking at what the new cool kids will do so that they can sell that- we have a chance slip in something of value. We the thinkers and artists have the chance to paint the new reality- put melody to the new thoughts, lay them over break beats, or folks guitars, - spray them on buildings or bamboo t-shirts, act them out on stages and write them into history books...NOW!

I am looking forward to doing exactly that with my creative friends at Green For All.


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