Glenda Macatangay-LaMarr

Glenda is a managing partner at UpperCloud Media, a creative firm that provides strategy and fulfillment for Green For All's brand and communications goals. Glenda is charged with leading brand and communications at Green For All, and provides leadership and management for an inter-agency team.

She is a pioneer of innovative multimedia campaigns. With a background made up of equal parts marketing and clinical psychology, Glenda brings a special brand of positivity and passion to her projects with a focus on human connection.

A creativity-driven leader, Glenda specializes in fostering projects throughout the entire process. From launching a project’s unique vision, to tackling its daily logistics, to team coordination, Glenda is the go-to leader with an abundance of trained, effective approaches up her stylish sleeve.

In her current role as Managing Partner at UpperCloud Media, Glenda focuses on educating, informing, and engaging target audiences, and is particularly adept at building integrated campaigns. She manages client online social marketing campaigns and excels at projecting a brand’s unique voice through authentic storytelling.

What sets Glenda apart from other media strategists is her capacity to utilize her past experience in previous fields – her initial practice in the realm of family therapy and social welfare grants her the ability to connect, whether it be the target audience, client, or her team. Glenda holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of California at Davis and a Masters degree in Social Work from California State University at Sacramento.

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