Petition to Oakland Unified: Get the Lead Out!

Dear OUSD School Board Members,

Since the school year began, lead has been found in water in at least 45 Oakland schools and daycares. Our schools should help all kids succeed, not jeopardize their health because of lead exposure. 

We urge you to pass a ZERO-lead policy that includes:

  • Testing every water tap;
  • Reporting lead results for every school, including those found to be under 15 ppb;
  • Notifying parents that they should have children blood-tested for lead when lead is found at their child's school;
  • Removing lead-bearing pipes and plumbing;
  • Installing filters certified to remove lead; and
  • Allowing no more than 1 part per billion of lead in school drinking water, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

There's no "safe" level of lead in drinking water. Even small exposures to lead can do permanent damage to children's brain development. Lead poisoning is completely preventable, and 100% irreversible. Please pass a comprehensive ZERO-lead policy now. 


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I want to volunteer
or Text ZERO to +12025178583 to sign