Entrepreneur: Susie Blackburn
Matched Coach: Nancy Paul

Susie Blackburn, G.R.O.W.


G.R.O.W. is the newest answer to the glass recycling problem Franklin residents are facing. We are built on the belief that taking care of our planet is everyone’s responsibility. While we are thrilled curb-side recycling accepts almost everything, one can’t ignore the fact that it does not accept glass. Many residents are simply too busy to take their old glass themselves, while others feel guilty enough to let it pile up over time until they finally get the energy to take it to a not-so-convenient Convenience Center. Either way, we make it all too easy to not let that old glass pile up on our earth. We are focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. All you do is sign up on our website and put your glass recycling in our G.R.O.W. drawstring bag. We will pick it up twice monthly, drop off an empty G.R.O.W. bag for your next 2 week’s glass, sort and recycle it for you.

Website www.growilliamson.com

Nancy Paul, Bottom Line Solutions


Bottom Line Solutions offers coaching, consulting and accounting services to business owners who want to expand or grow their business without adding stress! In addition to coaching, we provide accountability, strategic planning, implementation plans and more to make sure that you are on a path to success.

Website www.bullseyecoaching.com, www.bottomline-llc.com

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