#FuelChange 4 Kids Art Program


Congratulations to all of the youth artists who participated in the #FuelChange4Kids Art Program.  We are proud to announce our top winners which were selected by a panel of judges. These winning pieces demonstrate what a zero-emissions future looks like and we want to continue to spread the word that we don’t have to put up with pollution from dirty cars, trucks and buses that make kids and communities sick. We have the power to bring clean air to our neighborhoods by going electric.


Top 3 Winners

Veer,  age 7
 Valeria R., age 10
Alagna, age 11



Top 10 Winners

Mihika, age 5   Valeria G., age 8
Alanna, age 8   Nayana, age 8
Samantha, age 10   Lily, age 13
William, age 16    


NEW Art Program coming soon!

Make sure to visit our page regularly to find out about new art programs and any upcoming events in your area.


Please submit any questions regarding program rules and submissions to info@greenforall.org.

The #FuelChange4Kids art program is a part of our #FuelChange campaign. Learn more at greenforall.org/fuelchange.

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