#FuelChange 4 Kids Art Program

#FuelChange4KIDS Art Program

Sponsored by Earth Friendly Products®, maker of ECOS®, in partnership with Green For All

Tailpipe pollution from diesel and gas-powered cars, trucks, and buses is making kids and communities sick. There are now more premature deaths from traffic-related pollution than traffic accidents.

We have the power to bring clean air to our neighborhoods by going electric. But we need your help!

Green For All is looking for talented young artists across the country to imagine a zero-emissions future in their community. What does it mean to #FuelChange in your neighborhood? Art has the power to move people to action and change public opinion. We need your help to mobilize our movement for a zero-emissions future that improves health and strengthens communities.

****To participate, parents or guardians must download, fill out,

and upload a media release form and fill out an application form.****


All K-12 youth (ages 5-17) are eligible to participate. Participating artists must adhere to the following:

  • Artwork must be the artist’s original work
  • Artists may not submit copyrighted work (e.g. characters from television shows, movies, video games, or books will not be accepted)
  • Artists and their guardians must be comfortable with having an image of their artwork, first name, and last initial, age, and city shared online and in any media promotion 
  • Parents or guardians must download, fill out, sign, and upload a media release form as written consent for their child to participate. 

How To Participate


  • Use crayons, markers, colored pencils, oil pastels, watercolor, or paint to complete your artwork on size 8 ½ x 11-inch paper.
  • Artwork must fit the theme of solutions to transportation pollution.
  • Submit a digital scan of original artwork that is at least 300 dpi or higher using the online submission portal. Files should be uploaded as .jpg or .png. Only digital files will be accepted, no hard copies of artwork.
  • Sign the waiver certifying this is the artist’s original work, releasing us of liability, and granting permission to us to use your artwork for educational and promotional purposes.

Program officially opens on May 1st, 2019 and the deadline to enter is July 24, 2019.

Thought starters to spark your imagination:

  • How do people get to school and work where you live? What modes of transportation do you see in your neighborhood? Are there transportation choices that are not available in your neighborhood?
  • How do dirty cars, trucks, and buses impact kids’ health? What are the benefits of electric alternatives?
  • Why is it important to protect our air and neighborhoods from pollution?
  • What would a zero-emissions future look like in your community?
  • What would need to happen to bring clean cars, trucks, and buses to your neighborhood?
  • What does the sustainable future you’re fighting for look like?

Tips for submissions:

  • Artwork may be cropped to fit promotional materials, so keep your main images, theme, or message well within the margins of the page.
  • Avoid using too many words or text in the artwork.
  • Use vibrant colors.
  • Try to clearly show the solution in your artwork.

EXAMPLE Problem:  Kids coughing because of dirty tailpipe from a school bus.

EXAMPLE Solution: Electric school bus and happy kids!

Prizes & Incentives

ECOS® x Disney Grand Prize Experience

Three (3) participants will be selected to have their artwork featured on ECOS® products in stores in an April 2020 promotional campaign. Imagine going into your local retailer and seeing your artwork on the shelf. How cool is that?!

Selected artists (+ up to 3 friends or family members) will be invited to a special appreciation event at Earth Friendly Products’ headquarters in Orange County, CA where artists will be given an exclusive tour of the manufacturing facility and stop by the chemistry lab to learn how ECOS® products are made. You’ll meet with top leaders at ECOS® and get a sneak peek at your artwork on ECOS® bottles before they hit stores. Airfare and a 2-night hotel stay are included. Plus, you’ll receive a family 4-pack of tickets to Disneyland to complete your magical stay in Orange County!

Top 10 Artists

The top 10 artists will receive a Green For All x ECOS® swag bag full of goodies, plus be featured on Green For All’s website, social media platforms, and other promotional materials.

50 Artists

Be one of the first 50 artists to submit your artwork and receive a FREE sticker.


Please submit any questions regarding program rules and submissions to artcontest@dreamcorps.us.

The #FuelChange4Kids art program is a part of our #FuelChange campaign. Learn more at greenforall.org/fuelchange.