From the City of New Orleans to Good Jobs, Green Jobs

Authors: John Moore

John Moore is an Energy and Environmental Policy Analyst for the City of New Orleans, and is a Green For All Academy Fellow.

The upcoming “Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference” Presents an opportunity for all of us to present our work to the federal government. The City of New Orleans remains excited about how align itself with national movement behind this effort. The city has several projects happening on the ground that I have been assisting in coordinating that I will be presenting on a panel in the upcoming conference. We have been working diligently on these initiatives and are excited about their potential to help stabilize the New Orleans economy. Traditionally an oil and gas economy, we have run into issues convincing law makers that this is a viable industry. Efforts such as these help us to further our efforts and do so on a national platform.

This past week I gave a speech to our incoming class with the Louisiana Green Corps. This group of approximately 100 students over the next 3 months will be trained in solar installation, weatherization, and energy auditing. These students will learn a pathway into a job in the green jobs arena through these trainings. This project is one of several sponsored by the New Orleans workforce development agency Job 1. I will be speaking to another one of our sponsored initiatives on the 31st. This group is called Limitless Vistas Inc. Their concentration has been more on environmental assessments and reviews of blighted housing in neighborhoods.

We are currently working with them to see if we can have their students work more closely with the city’s housing department to have all of its’ Phase 1 assessments done through them. It is our hope that we can standardize a process that will create more long term work for students involved in these initiatives.

I am excited to attend the “Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference” to speak on these and several other initiatives that the city is planning. Since coming back from the Green for All Academy in California, I have a renewed sense of commitment to green jobs initiatives. It is exciting to see so many people out there working on this effort and putting so much energy into it. I look forward to connecting with people from across the nation who are working on this at the conference in February.

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