From our communities to the Hill, and back again

Authors: Julian McQueen On Tuesday, President Obama signed the Recovery Package into law. BILLIONS of dollars will soon flow to green projects across the country! As Van wrote last week, tens of thousands of Green For All's friends and allies took action to help make this victory happen. And it was an intrepid few who went straight to Capitol Hill in the midst of the Recovery debate, to advocate for green jobs in their communities. Watch their story:

Now, it's time to bring this victory on the Hill home to our communities. Join us on Tuesday, February 24th at Noon Pacific (3 pm Eastern) for: Bringing Home the Green Recovery A Green For All National Conference Call Speakers: Van Jones, Founder and President of Green For All Angela Glover Blackwell, Founder and CEO of Policy Link Learn about key green initiatives in the Recovery Package, how they will be implemented locally, and how to advocate for your community. P.S., If you missed me on the Applied Research Center's call on Race and Jobs this week, you can listen to it now. I spoke about the green provisions in the Recovery Package.

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