First African American church in Washington, D.C. to go solar

Authors: bsamad Florida Avenue Baptist Church in NW Washington, D.C. will become the first African American church in Washington, D.C. to install a solar energy system. An agreement was signed between the church, Volt Energy and LeDroit Park Energy, LLC to build a 10 KW system to be installed on the roof of the Florida Avenue Baptist Church. The church will purchase the solar electricity generated at a lower cost than what it is currently paying for electricity. Rev. Dr Earl D. Trent Jr., pastor of the church says:
“Care for God’s creation is one of the tenants of our faith. It is fitting that we step into the age of clean renewable energy. Once installed, we will begin workshops on how members can make their homes more energy efficient and further develop a Green Ministry.” Pastor Trent further noted “We are the first African American church in the District to install a solar power system and see this as a viable model for other churches to reduce their carbon footprint and their electric bill.”

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