Fight for Light

Entrepreneur: Markese Bryant
Matched Coach: Mary Riley

Markese Bryant - Fight for Light


Fight for Light works to deepen student understanding of society’s most pressing sustainability issues and supports the development, testing and deployment of student designed sustainable solutions, providing access to economic opportunities and social impact careers. Fight for Light activities prepare students to positively impact their surrounding communities while contributing to a more equitable, healthy and sustainable society.


Mary Riley, Center for Non-Profit Coaching


Mary Riley is the founder and director of the Center for Non-Profit Coaching (CNPC), a 501(c)(3) organization supporting professionals from the non-profit sector who want to increase their capacity for leadership and service. Mary works with a volunteer team of organization and life coaches to bring coaching to those who might otherwise not be able to afford such services. CNPC also engages philanthropic partners who want to support coaching for non-profit professionals and thereby strengthen the quality of not-for-profit efforts throughout the world. CNPC clients, coaches and other partners include visionary leaders who seek to provide human services to clients in need, make advancements on behalf of the environment, enhance access to education, arts and culture, and support animal welfare, among other charitable and public services.


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