EPA Protections Put People to Work

Authors: Green For All

Gotta love that clean air!

Sure, it allows us to breathe well—but the work to protect the public from pollution also creates jobs!

A new Ceres report finds that implementing two new air pollution rules proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency will create 1.5 million jobs over the next five years.

Ceres has identified the report’s key findings:

  • Based on recent estimates that the power sector will invest almost $200 billion total in capital improvements over the next five years, total employment created by these capital investments is estimated at 1.46 million jobs, or about 290,000 jobs on average in each of the next five years.
  • Installing modern pollution controls and building new power plants creates a wide array of skilled, high-paying installation, construction and professional jobs, as well as jobs at companies that manufacture pollution controls and other required construction/maintenance equipment.
  • Among the states that will see the biggest job gains from this construction activity are Virginia, Tennessee, Illinois, North Carolina and Indiana. 

This report validates what we've known all along: That what’s good for the environment is good for the economy.

We can't let the powerful special interests continue to ignore the public interest.

Together, we can protect the public health and put people back to work. 


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