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Authors: Green For All

Despite the threats to our planet, our future is what we make of it. Our ability to build a sustainable tomorrow is within our reach; but we must have the will and resolve to fight for this future today.

Here is your chance to seize this opportunity with a simple action: Support the Green For All Fellows.

In recent years, more than 100 local leaders - from 50 cities and 25 states - have participated in our Fellowship program. Our mission is simple: To empower these leaders with additional tools and resources to transform their own neighborhoods.

To support the Fellows, Green For All has launched a micro-grant fund.

Just $25, $100 or $250 can make a difference, and the Mitchell Kapor Foundation along with an anonymous donor have generously agreed to match every gift to the fund- up to $10,000 - we receive between now and February 16, 2011.

Your dollars could help:

  • Selim Sandoval spur sustainable development in Native American communities;
  • Zakiya Harris use hip-hop culture to promote sustainable living and leadership;
  • Eric Mathis diversify West Virginia’s economy by promoting renewable energy projects; and
  • Leia Lewis expand her organic food garden to enhance the health and environment of her Louisiana community.

All the Fellows are bettering their communities through selfless service - using their creativity, love and energy to build a healthier and cleaner future.

They truly have accomplished extraordinary things. Let’s help them take their work to the next level.

Thank you for your generous support!

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