Electric Vehicles


The transportation sector is one of the largest contributors to air pollution, representing more than a quarter of the United States’ greenhouse gas emissions in 2014. Low income communities and communities of color are disproportionately affected by vehicle pollution, often as a result of their close proximity to highways, freeways, and other traffic congested areas. Yet, electric vehicles can feel out of reach.

Green For All is exploring a national strategy that would curb vehicle pollution, restore air quality, and make electric vehicles accessible to all.

The recent Volkswagen settlement – in which the company admitted to installing secret software that helped its vehicles pass emissions tests while continuing to pollute above the law -- represents $20 billion. This money will be allocated to states and cities across the country to determine how to use it. Funds can be put toward electrifying school buses and public transit, expanding electric vehicle charging infrastructure to low and moderate-income communities, and other important programs that make green transportation choices accessible to all.

To connect with Green For All about how we can engage in this work together, please contact Michelle Romero at michelle@dreamcorps.us

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