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Authors: Green For All Stand up! That was Green For All’s message earlier today when we called on students from John Wesley Dobbs Elementary School in Atlanta to get involved in the green movement. Partnering with the Ludacris Foundation (TLF) — and special guests Keshia Knight Pulliam and Rashan Ali — we honored Earth Week by raising awareness about important water issues. Listen to a personal message from Ludacris about our water crisis:

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Our coalition for change gathered at the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance’s (WAWA) outdoor activity center and, under WAWA’s guidance, planted a rain garden and finished a pond for frogs and turtles. Additionally, Green For All Fellows and Ambassadors provided educational kits to help these youngsters learn how conserve water both at school and at home. Check this video from the event:

Our group focused on water issues because the nation has reached a crisis point. Thirty-six states expect to face water shortages within the next five years; at least fourteen are currently experiencing crisis-level water shortages and contamination. And, the sad reality is that these problems are disproportionately impacting people of color and low-income communities. For years, Americans have seen these problems developing — yet, government has failed to act. That’s why we have to take our power back by getting involved in our own communities. Shaping a green future requires more than changing laws — it’s going to take a cultural shift that alters how Americans think about green issues; and, there is incredible power in the ability of music, fashion and the arts to bring communities together to make change. That’s why we partnered with TLF; not only does it do great work with the youth, but it also helps the green movement reach new audiences in a different way. We thank the Ludacris Foundation, WAWA (which, for decades, has done incredible work to fight environmental injustice), Keshia and Rashan for partnering with us today. We urge you to look around your communities and find creative, artistic ways that you can help build a green future for all. Never underestimate the impact that cultural power can have on inspiring others to take action.

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