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For too long, the fossil fuel industry has targeted low income communities and communities of color for their dirtiest projects. The Dakota Access Pipeline project is no different. The pipeline was originally proposed to cross through a predominantly White town, but when community members pushed back, the project focus quickly shifted to build it through indigenous peoples’ sacred lands. Now, despite more than 100,000 public comments denouncing the pipeline, and significant on the ground resistance efforts, the Trump Administration announced it would let the pipeline move forward without so much as an environmental impacts study.

“We stand with the Standing Rock Sioux, indigenous peoples and all frontline families to resist these pipelines. We will fight for everyone’s right to breathe clean air, have safe drinking water, and receive better solutions. The Dakota Access Pipeline won’t make America great. We should be investing in projects that put people to work building a clean energy future for all.” – Vien Truong 

Leaders at Standing Rock have organized a number of actions to stop this pipeline from being built. Green For All is supporting frontline leaders’ call to #DefundDAPL and #DivestDAPL. We believe investing in a fossil fuel economy is not sustainable and threatens the future of all who rely on clean air, safe drinking water, and a livable planet.

Green For All is supporting California Assembly Bill 20 (Kalra) to divest California’s largest pension funds from Energy Transfer Partners and its affiliates contributing to the construction of the pipeline. 

"We know that pipelines like Dakota Access can leak, explode and have caused harm to our planet and our communities. Green For All stands with the indigenous people and all frontline families who are hit first and worst by fossil fuel pollution. At a time when the Trump Administration seeks to roll back our clean air and water laws, it is imperative that state and local leaders stand with the most vulnerable. It's time for CalPERS to divest from Big Oil. By divesting from Energy Transfer Partners, CalPERS can send a powerful messages that residents of California will not support putting profits over human life and sacred land." – Vien Truong

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To learn how to get involved in other ways to stop the pipeline, contact our director of field strategy Josh Lynch at josh@dreamcorps.us

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