what waiting on the new EPA standards really costs

Authors: Green For All

Yesterday, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson unveiled a first-of-their-kind set of benchmarks for power plants. (Read all about it at the Green Jobs Index.)

In addition to creating thousands of new jobs, the new standards would save lives, preventing 17,000 premature deaths each year. In addition, they'll prevent 11,000 heart attacks, 120,000 cases of asthma - and even eliminate 850,000 days missed from work. That's over 2,300 years of work saved - a huge benefit to businesses.

In fact, these new standards are so important for Americans, that we can't delay implementing them. How important? Every 31 minutes that the new standards aren't met, there's another premature death, statistically speaking.

That's why we created It tracks, in real-time, the health impacts of postponing implementation of this new baseline. It's shocking to watch the numbers add up.

Visit the site, share it with your friends. If you're compelled to do so, there's a handy tool on the site that allows you to contact your elected official.

The work the EPA does is vital for the health and wealth of our country. makes that plain to see, in stark terms.

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