Congratulations to Troy Swanson, our #CleanWaterAct Twitter contest winner!

Since 1972, the Clean Water Act has helped to keep our water cleaner, safer and more beautiful. In honor of the Act's 39th anniversary, Green For All held a Twitter contest to see whose tweet about a favorite body of water would get the most retweets.

And congratulations to Troy (@T_Swanson) whose tweet about his favorite, the Mississippi River, was retweeted the most! The Clean Water Act has been a key part in ensuring that the Mississippi is clean and safe as it flows from its source in Minnesota, all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico. (To see some of the ways the Clean Water Act has helped the river—and what else needs to be done—see this document.) And it has certainly helped to protect the other bodies of water that you have mentioned: Big Bear Lake, Hawk's Channel (Florida Keys), Cattaraugus Creek, Lake Huron, and many others. Once again, congratulations, Troy!

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