Commonwealth Challenge seeks to spark retrofit revolution in Massachusetts.

Authors: Josh Lynch

Josh Lynch is the Coordinator of the Commonwealth Challenge. Formerly he worked at Green For All coordinating campaigns such as the Green Jobs Now National Day of Action.

When the people lead, leaders will follow!

In the weeks before the 40th Earth Day, the people of Massachusetts are coming together for The Commonwealth Challenge - a "retrofit revolution" that will fight poverty and pollution at the same time.

The Commonwealth Challenge is a campaign to collectively save 100,000 kWh of electricity by Earth Day, April 22. This achievement will stand as a challenge to our leaders to put a national price on carbon and clean up the Massachusetts electric grid within ten years. You see, we are tired of talking. Our aim is action. The results of our actions will send a message to our leaders more powerful than any petition drive.

I am asking you to join us. Whether you rent or own, you can make a difference by meeting The Commonwealth Challenge. Save 5% of your electricity by April 22.

Find out how at:

The website has many tools to help you meet your 5% pledge while saving money, reducing pollution, and creating good local jobs. Thanks to our community and business partners, you can:

* Sign up for a free home energy screening
* Retrofit your home at a group discount
* Track and compare your energy use with neighbors

Learn more and get involved:

Massachusetts is the birthplace of American Revolution so let's create a spark that catches fire. Help us do that by sending this message to five Massachusetts friends and encouraging them to get involved.

When the people lead, leaders will follow. In a world where "green" is the hottest trend, let's take The Commonwealth Challenge and turn dreams into results.

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