College Ambassador Alumni Make "Power Moves"

America is at a crossroads, and this fall, we’ll determine which direction we go for the next four years—and beyond. And young people—more than any other group—have an enormous stake in the outcome. 

Young people are facing an unemployment rate three times the national average. College loan debt is quickly outpacing credit card debt. And this generation has inherited a planet that is showing the strain of our continued addiction to fossil fuels.

This November, young people have a chance to shift our course. They have a choice, an opportunity, and a responsibility to make their voices heard at the ballot box—and beyond.

That’s why Green For All is launching "Power Moves."

Join Power Moves Here! 

Power Moves is a campaign to engage students and alumni from Historically Black Colleges and Universities in a deep conversation about which issues youth are most concerned about, and to determine how they can amplify their voices as a power block.  Green For All will provide tools and resources to help guide the conversation, and will work in conjunction with the Energy Action Coalition on "Power Vote," an effort to register and turn out the HBCU community for this election—and to keep students engaged after the election, as we continue the struggle for a more just and healthy environment and economy.


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