Coal Country Residents Work to Build a Healthy Community


Eric Mathis, CEO

The past few years have been tough financially for many of us.  Almost all of us have friends and family who have been out of work or unable to find a job. Williamson, West Virginia, located in the heart of coal country, is an example of a place that’s been hit hard by the economic downturn. But there is a silver lining. In the face of hardship, neighbors are coming together and finding hope and support from each other. In Williamson, and across the country, cities are finding ways not just to survive the economic crisis, but to thrive. 

Green For All Fellows Eric Mathis and Selim Sandoval have been collaboratively working to create a healthy and more sustainable community. A community that is growing its own food, working together to increase physical fitness and combat diabetes, and developing large-scale service projects.  Even in the face of economic downturn, residents in Williamson are finding ways to create healthier, more resilient neighborhoods.

Eric’s work in Williamson was recently featured in Powering the New Energy Future from the Ground Up, a report developed by New Energy Cities and Climate Solutions. Click here to read about this and other examples of communities coming together to revitalize their local economies.

Watch Eric talk about Sustainable Williamson along with his colleagues and neighbors in this Environment Matters below:

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