Cindy Alvarez, Business Manager, Generation Water

Cindy’s background in business administration originated with serving on the board of the Latino Business Students’ Association, a non-profit business organization that strives to advance the Latino student community by preparing them to succeed in corporate America. Upon graduating, she was offered a position with Operations Research Concepts Applied, an aerospace engineering company where she worked as Office  Manager of mission planning for unmanned aerial vehicles.

With a heart for serving youth, she later changed realms to take on a position as  House Counselor for the Julian Youth Academy, a boarding school in San Diego county for troubled teens. With a desire to use her degree in business to serve today’s young people, she joined the staff of the Infrastructure Academy, parent company of Generation Water, as Operations Coordinator. She now serves as Business Manager to Generation Water. Cindy received her BS in Finance, Real Estate, and Business Law from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.

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