Charles McLean

Detroit, MI - Charles McLean has over 15 years experience in the architectural and engineering industries and about 5 years as an educator at the high school and community college levels. During the past 10 years as an architect, he was able to study and become a part of the green movement. As the economy turned and greening efforts became more prevalent, he was fortunate enough to be a part of the Detroit City Council Green Task Force. From there, he embarked on a quest to make sustainable living a reality for his community. Recently, blighted vacant lots and economic distress have compelled him to venture into urban agriculture. His is currently engaging the community to clean and clear blighted vacant lots for beautiful community gardens and farms. These efforts not only reduce our carbon footprint, but serves as a community educational tool. Charles McLean prides himself on setting goals, accomplishing them, using innovative hands-on education techniques to promote a sustainable life for his family and community.

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