Cecilia Estolano: Rethinking and investing in urban infrastructure

Cecilia Estolano, Chief Strategist on State and Local Initiatives, Green For All speaks with Steven CF Anderson, Managing Director, InfrastructureUSA about the need to think differently about our urban form and to invest in the building blocks of prosperity: transportation, water and energy infrastructure.

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Cecilia Estolano:

"At this point, we definitely need to look at different urban forms. Here in California we spend a lot of time thinking about that because weʼve got the most progressive legislation around climate change – dealing with climate change— and weʼve actually integrated looking at greenhouse gas emissions with our land use transportation and environmental planning. 

We have a statute called SB 375 that requires our regions to think about how land use, forms of land use, and land use patterns affect our greenhouse gas emissions. So we have put in an increasing emphasis on compact urban development, the need to invest in public transportation, the need to integrate retail, residential, job zones all together to make it much easier for people to move around and to move goods and services around. 

Where weʼre headed, from an environmental standpoint, requires us to think differently about our urban form and requires us to invest in the very building blocks of prosperity which I would see as transportation, water infrastructure, energy infrastructure."

Originally posted on InfrastructureUSA - an online community focused on generating a dynamic national conversation about America’s deteriorating civil infrastructure.

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