California Labor Federation annual workforce conference focuses on green-collar jobs

Authors: greenforallblogger

In L.A. this week, Green For All is on hand at the California Labor Federation's Building Workforce Partnerships conference. The annual conference brings together labor, business, and government to address the needs of the workforce and working families. This year's conference, "Adapting to Change", focuses on preparing the workforce for a green economy, and includes a track on green-collar jobs developed in consultation with our staff.

From the conference program:

This year, Building Workforce Partnerships explores the convergence of climate change policy, economic transition, and growing economic insecurity. Realizing a green economy, and its social and stimulatory benefits, demands that we address fundamental challenges. Our infrastructure of worker and community supports has not kept pace with economic change driven by technology advances, globalization, climate change, and demographic shifts. The ability of our major public and private institutions to adjust to 21st century realities requires bold new policy, political leadership, labor-market interventions, and taking creative practice to scale.

Jason Walsh (our National Policy Director), spoke on two panels in the "Green Policy, Green Jobs, and Economic Transformation" track, and Van Jones will deliver the final address this Sunday.

Learn more about the conference here:

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