Bob Markholt, green jobs visionary, passes away

Authors: Alli Chagi-Starr

This week, the green jobs movement lost a great man.

Bob Markholt led thePre-Apprenticeship Construction Training Program at the Seattle Vocational Institute. Hewas an early visionary in the field of green jobs and training for those left out, and was an leader for the rest of us.

More than that, Bob's fierce commitment to the people he served and fought for was an inspiration to all who knew him. Those of us he has left behind will continue to push for dignified jobs for those with barriers to good employment. We know Bob's passionate spirit is with us on this journey for opportunity for all.

Green For Alloffers our heartfelt condolences to Bob's friends, family and colleagues at Seattle Vocation Institute and offers tribute to this great man.

Bob Markholt, right, with his SVI students during the Green Jobs Now National Day of Action.

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