Black PR Wire - Thousands of Americans Rallied in Washington D.C. to Demand, “Forward on the Climate Crisis”

Written by Korbin Miles, Florida A&M University
Cross-posted on Black PR Wire.

....."Grassroots environmental organizations from all over America organized students to be in D.C. to take action." 

“Over 150 organizations have partnered with the Sierra Club for this action and the Southern Energy Network is one of the partners,” said Jacqueline Ayala, Florida organizer for the Southern Energy Network. “We are helping coordinate young people and students within our network to travel to D.C. We will have over 100 people from Florida, which is awesome,” said Ayala.

If approved, the pipeline will disenfranchise many minorities, as the pipeline will run through many communities populated by indigenous people, African Americans and Latinos.

....“This rally is relevant for minorities because we are already overwhelmingly impacted by the health hazards of environmental pollution in our communities,“ said Ursula Ible, a Green For All College Ambassador, “It is so important to educate yourself and be engaged in the issues that affect you and your community. This rally is an example of how to get involved in making a difference towards the changes that you want to see,” said Ible.

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