Audio from conference call: Grassroots Action toward a Green Recovery for All

Authors: ada The audio from our Wednesday conference call is now available. More than 350 people called in to Grassroots Action toward a Green Recovery for All. The call featured advocates from 3 local organizations, who shared what they're doing to take part in the Recovery.

Listen here. Speakers:
  • Melinda Wheatley and Chester Steinhauser, American YouthWorks in Austin, Texas
  • Emmanuel Hales, Green America Corporation in Newport News, Virginia
  • Shahn Hayes, the League of Young Voters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Moderator: Julian Mocine-McQueen, Green For All
More tools and resources available at Here's a note our field organizer Julian McQueen sent out to participants on the call -
We also want to tell you more about the tools and resources that can help you figure out how to get a seat at the Recovery table in your community. And because things about the Recovery Act are moving so fast, after the conference call, Green For All decided to create a new way for you to connect to the latest news about the Recovery roll-out. The Green For All Toolkit, Users Guide and Sample Press Releases and Media Advisory are available at The Toolkit is where you can find the Commitment that you can take your local elected officials or Agency heads who are in charge of local Recovery dollars. When you go to you can make extremely cool icons to use in your Recovery Action. Take a deck of 52 icon pictures of members of your organization or neighborhood and go down to City Hall and tell the Mayor that you all are ready for Green Jobs Now and that you want to be dealt in to the game. Turn your I'm Ready Icons into yard signs and plant them (with permission) as a Green Jobs Garden outside the Capitol. We know the Recovery rollout is moving fast and we need to keep each other informed. So Green For All is creating a special listserv to alert you of what we learn. We promise to only use this listserv when big things happen like when the Labor Department issues the rules on how the Green Jobs Act $500 million can be spent. Stay tuned to our website for this new list. As I said on the call, this is our time. We can do this. We have to do this. And we can help each other do it right. Julian Mocine-McQueen

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