At Huffington Post, "The Dream Reborn: Who's Next?"

Authors: philip

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Today in a blog on the Huffington Post, Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins announced our new contest.

Many of the African-American leaders who now carry the torch of justice that King lit were young when he died -- toddlers, elementary school students, just out of college. Now, Lisa P. Jackson, Rep. Cleaver, Naomi Davis and others are leading a new movement -- a movement for a green economy. They came of age in a world without Dr. King's physical presence, but within the enormous shadow he cast over America.

Young people continue to be inspired by Dr. King. His vision of a just, more equal America will always resonate -- it will always provide energy to progressive movements. And it's manifested in many ways - one of those ways is through artistic expression.

That's the energy that we hope to capture in Green For All's new contest -- The Dream Reborn: Who's Next? We are launching the contest today in honor of Dr. King's legacy.

Check out the contest website, and enter to win!

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