Montford Middle School Students in Tallahassee, Florida win Green For All’s KidClimate Art Contest

While Trump attacks clean energy progress, these students envision a more sustainable future

Middle schoolers at William J. Montford III in Tallahassee, Florida won Green For All’s national KidClimate Art Contest, which encourages students to engage in conversations and creativity around the importance of protecting our planet.


Beth Petty, a science teacher at Montford, thought the art contest would be a good activity for her students, and entered artwork from all five of her science classes, “The KidClimate Art Contest opened the door for me to teach a few extra lessons that would not have been taught. This was such a wonderful way to involve the children in taking care of our Earth, and understanding why it’s important to do it.”

Her efforts won her an $800 giftcard and pizza party for the students.

Students illustrated what a future worth fighting for looks like. “The goal of the art contest was to include children in the conversation around environmental issues and solutions. After all, they are the future generation that will inherit this planet,” said Kim Noble, director of national partnerships at Green For All.

Green For All’s deputy director Michelle Romero added, “While Trump wages an all-out assault on our climate and clean energy progress, these kids are using their imaginations to help create a more sustainable future. They are inspiration to all of us.”

Ms. Petty said her students are super pumped they won the contest. She plans to use her prize money to purchase reusable grocery bags for the students to hand out in the community. After talking about it as a class, it was a project the children were really passionate about.

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