Are you coming to Power Shift?

Authors: Julia Rhee

In 19 days, we will make HISTORY with Power Shift 2009, the biggest lobby day on climate and green jobs in U.S. history. And the biggest youth lobby day of any kind - ever. We're rolling deep -10,000 strong. 10,000. That's 100 youth in each Senate office. Young people and people of color voted in record numbers. Now our elected leaders have to listen to us: We want millions of green jobs and we want 'em NOW!

Can you come?

Three ways to participate:

1. Come to Power Shift 2009 When you register, be sure to select "Green 4 All" for the question "What coalition member-group are you most affiliated with?" Contact with questions about attending.

2. Sponsor a Young Organizer Green For All is sending 200 low-income youth to the conference through the Power Shift 2009 Scholarship Fund. We need to raise $20,000 to cover the cost. $25 - 3 meals for 1 young organizer • $60 - Registration for 1 •$275 - Van rental for 10 youth

3. Apply for a Scholarship For community organizers, campus activists, hip hop artists, high school students, and other low-income young leaders of color who need financial support.

See you there! Julia Rhee is the Youth Organizer for Green For All

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