And the Keep It Fresh Winners Are...

Authors: Green The Block Thank you to everyone who participated in the Keep It Fresh education campaign for healthy food! After a month of videos, trivia questions, music shows, and recipes for change, we're bringing our love for healthy food for all into the holidays! null The winners of the contest are...
  • The hip-hop community for being a strong voice for healthy food for all communities, including artists like Jadakiss, Dead Prez, Prodigy, and of course DJ CaveM... among so many others!
  • Young people and college students across the nation who are holding it down on their campuses and in their communities, creating solutions and demanding our generation's right to real food.
  • Everyone who answered trivia questions on topics ranging from food deserts and health effects of junk food, to farmworker discrimination and industrial agriculture.
  • Rhonda Anderson, LaNiece Ford & Asia Rodgers who won the trivia contest sweepstakes of $200 of groceries to local grocery stores like Harvest Market, Vitamin Cottage, and Rainbow Grocery.
  • Folks who shared a Recipe for Change, by posting ideas on the wall about how to increase access to fresh food in your communities. Change always starts with a powerful idea!
  • Dana Frasz from Oakland, CA, who received a solar backpack & iPod shuffle for getting the most Likes for herRecipe for Change, “Food Shift.” Check out her awesome blog post about her project here: Hungry for Change.
Anyone who shared the page or a video with a friend - even a small dose of education goes a long way! Big props to all the winners - that means all of us who care about healthy food! Check out some of the creative solutions that folks posted on the Keep It Fresh wall:
  • Fresh fruit stands & healthy snack machines on campus with a wide selection of fruits at an affordable price! Students love fruits, they just need it to be available and affordable!
  • Public school board can link up with local CSA (community supported agriculture) programs to provide breakfast/lunch to students once a week.
  • Start community gardens in empty lots in the city!
  • Food Shift – a recycling program for food! Collect good food that would go to waste and deliver it to low-income and food insecure populations. Include a job-training program for unemployed people receiving the food to get jobs distributing the food in their community!
These were just a few of the 30+ ideas that were posted on the wall! Feeling inspired? It's time to move these ideas into action to transform the food system in your community or on your campus. Check out these resources to help you get started (scroll down to Food Resources). Or reach out to Seema, Green For All's Organizer, via email. Stay tuned for our next campaign! Until then….Keep It Fresh.

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