America's Future Now

Authors: Juan D. Martinez, Green For All Academy Fellow
As a Fellow in the Green For All family, I’m starting to feel like I have cousins everywhere I go.I welcomed the month of June at the “America’s Future Now” conference in Washington D.C. It is self described as “the largest gathering of progressive activists and leaders from across the country.” I joined as part of the youth delegation for the conference, a great network in itself. A sense of great support enveloped me when I found myself surrounded by some of the thinkers and movers in the progressive movement and that is exactly what I found in the Green For All family. I got to connect with Fellows from all over the country and hear about their ongoing campaigns to ensure that this green economy includes all people. Having the honor and privilege of sitting on two panels allowed me to spread the message of a just, green economy even further, and just to make sure no one got away we set up a tabling session. Green For All’s C.E.O. Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins made sure to make time for Green For All’s Fellows through an intimate meeting. She gave us space to voice our needs and the report our successes. Of course as the old saying goes you work hard to play hard, and not ones to disappoint, Green For All co-sponsored the night’s party. The Green For All staff, Fellows, and even the C.E.O. made this place feel like a family gathering.

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