Power Moves

Power Moves is a campaign to help young people take action and make their voice heard in the Political process. Check out the video and ‘Zine which help tell the story of what youth can do when they build power! Sign the Power Vote pledge and figure out your Power Move!

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Spare the Air and your Wallet: How to bring the Eco-Pass to your Campus

The eco pass is a win-win for students’ wallets and our environment, saving us both kinds of green. The best part? It’s not hard to bring the eco-pass to your campus or workplace.

Students at De Anza Community College in California pioneered the way for other students by bringing the eco-pass to their campus last Fall, making public transportation almost free for students. And they took the time to share their secrets with us…

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Mercury & Air Toxics Standards (MATS) Toolkit

Poison from coal-fired power plants is killing our kids. We’re suffering from preventable heart disease and asthma attacks. And we’re spending billions of dollars on hospital visits and missed days at work and school. Polluters are trying to delay new clean air rules that will create jobs and protect the air we breathe and the water we drink. This tool kit has all you need to engage your community in the conversation and to take action for cleaner, safer air for all.

Get the tool kit here.


The Block Rockers Blog and Toolkit

blockrocker-300x150.jpg1. “What the bleep is the Green economy?” video: This video is an educational and motivational look at what a green economy means, and how you can be a part of it. We look at different areas like energy efficiency, water infrastructure, urban agriculture among others. Use it to hold a conversation with your friends and find out how you can be a part of the solution. 

2. Community Gardens: How To: Build a real green room, a garden, right on your block! With this guide you’ll learn exactly how you can take a little room, a few friends, and some dedication and turn it into a real live garden for the whole community to enjoy. Dig in the dirt and let it grow! Download Community Gardens: How To »

3. The Block Rocker toolkit is a set of tools and resources that is easy to use and designed to help you engage your freinds, family and neighbors in solutions for your community. After checking out the tools below, head over to the Block Rockers blog!

This blog is dedicated to the people that make the movement for an inclusive green economy, who battle for sustainable, flourishing and thriving communities and have fun doing it! Check out Block Rockers blog to meet the people who are really gettin’ down! Are you a Block Rocker, do you know a block rocker?

4. Bridging the Economic and Climate Gap: a Workshop: Ever feel like the economy is not working for you and your folks? Well, this workshop will help illustrate the reality of the economic and climate gaps and how they are related. Use this guide (with discussion questions and sample answers) to organize a workshop for your friends, family, and neighbors.  Download Bridging the Economic and Climate Gap: a Workshop »

5. Green Your Dorm: Ah yes, the dorm room…home away from home for so many! But is your dorm room a green room? Make sure it is with these ideas on how to live the college life as green as possible. Download Green Your Dorm »

6. Host a Green House Party: Use this guide to lead a casual conversation about solutions fro your community. You never know what solutions you might come up with. Download Host a Green House Party »

7. The New Wave Workshop: One of the few things we all share is water! What’s happening in your community around water issues? This is a highly participatory workshop designed for a diverse set of participants explores our relationship to water, as well as the causes and consequences of the current water crisis, and to collectively generate an action plan to ensure fresh water is available for generations to come. Download The New Wave Workshop »


Healthy Food For All: Planting Seeds of Change

A healthy and sustainable food system restores our soil, water and wildlife, and fights global warming by relying less on fossil fuels. An equitable food system can be a source of empowering work opportunities. Finally, better access to healthy food means better health for our communities.

Find out more and take action in your community.

Clean Water For All: Protecting Life’s Resource

Clean-Water.jpegThis colorful, educational water brochure can be used for organizing, trainings, workshops or tabling. You can use it to inform people about our water cycle and inspire them to take personal and collective action.

Download the Print-and-Fold version to pass out. Print it double sided, in color, ideally in size 11×17. Fold it twice: once horizontally across the middle, and once vertically down the center. It is designed to fold into a brochure with Clean Water For All on the front page, the Activity in the middle when it is opened, and the Quick Facts on the back. The inside unfolds into a full-length poster of our water cycle.

Download the Facilitator’s Guide for more suggestions on how to use the brochure, a list of action steps, and facilitator notes for a group activity.

Check out the accompanying workshop “The New Wave: Greening our Water Infrastructure” »

And while you’re at it:
Plant a Rain Garden!

This is a great way to beautify your neighborhood and take some of the burden off your water treatment system. A rain garden slows runoff from big rainstorms so that the sewage system is not overloaded. The deep-rooted plants also act as a natural initial filtration system.

Model for Your Community: Spotlight on the Healthy Corner Store Initiative

Check out this unique model that aims to address the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit. Philadelphia’s Healthy Corner Store Initiative proposes a viable solution to both unequal food access and economic underdevelopment in our communities. How can you replicate this model in your own community?

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Roots of Success Environmental Literacy Curriculum


This versatile, easy to use multi-disciplinary curriculum uses innovative, non-traditional learning approaches to increase people’s understanding of environmental issues and the green economy, while simultaneously strengthening their academic and labor market skills. No other curriculum on the market provides all of this in one, accessible, affordable package. It is being used in job training programs, high schools, community colleges, universities, re-entry programs, prisons, and jails in 32 states in the US and in Puerto Rico to prepare youth and adults for good green jobs and to advocate for environmental and public health improvements in their communities. It is available in English and Spanish. Download the Roots of Success Brochure to pass out. Also download the One-page Curriculum Description for more details on the curriculum.

To teach the curriculum, instructors need to be trained and licensed. This entails attending a one-day Train-the-Instructor training where instructors are introduced to the curriculum and licensed to use Roots of Success teaching materials. Instructors leave the training with an Instructor’s Manualand multimedia DVD, which includes all of the videos and visuals needed to teach the course in both English and Spanish. When teaching Roots of Success, programs must provide each student with a Student Workbook, which includes all of the handouts, exercises, activities, quizzes, and resource materials needed for the course.

For more information visit www.rootsofsuccess.org

VIDEO: What the (bleep) is the Green Economy?

This 13-minute educational video is great for introducing the different ways in which we can create green cities that create jobs and make our communities healthier.

Join us in spreading the word about the opportunities that a green economy creates for all of us, by using this video and the accompanying Facilitator’s Guide for house parties, organizing, trainings, workshops and screenings.

The New Wave: Greening our Water Infrastructure – A Workshop Guide

Check out this new workshop from Green For All, “The New Wave: Greening our Water Infrastructure”, great for classrooms and community groups. This is a highly participatory workshop designed for a diverse set of participants to explore our relationship to water, as well as the causes and consequences of the current water crisis, and to collectively generate a comprehensive action plan to ensure fresh water is available for generations to come.

Topics include:

  • Climate Change and Water Scarcity,
  • Water: The Molecule of Life,
  • Water Waste,
  • The Water Cycle,
  • Urbanization and Concrete,
  • Water Pollution,
  • Natural Solutions, and
  • Green Cities – The Wave of the Future.

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