Act now: Urgent Home Star Vote!

Authors: Jessy Tolkan

Tomorrow the House of Representatives will vote on the Home Star bill (H.R. 5019). We urgently need your help to get it passed!

If you haven't heard about Home Star yet, listen up. The fast-acting program will create new jobs in energy-efficiency, cut pollution, and lower energy bills. Please call your Representative now and tell them to pass Home Star. (Our simple call tool makes it easy). Home Star will create an estimated 168,000 jobs, save Americans $9.5 billion on energy bills over ten years, and reduce pollution and global warming. It will do all this by providing rebates to homeowners to make their homes more energy efficient. Our communities desperately need jobs, and Home Star will help create them. It is a critical step towards building the kind of clean energy economy we need to lift people out of poverty, spur on sustainable growth, and end our reliance on dirty fossil fuels. Thank you for taking action. Jessy Tolkan Political Director Green For All

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