A Letter to the Editor helps build the drum beat for a green Recovery for all...

Authors: ada Check out the letter that Jim Schaefer, of Otis, Oregon, just got published in his local paper The Statesman Journal:
May 20, 2009 The foundation for a better economy is in the hands of our mayor and local officials. Advertisement They are now responsible for implementing millions of dollars in green investments from President Obama's recovery package. The recovery funds can help us create new green jobs and training opportunities locally. They can help us build a new economy that is based on clean, safe energy sources and good, green jobs for American workers. Is our community doing its best to build a strong, green economy that works for all people? What's our local plan to implement a green recovery for all? — Jim Schaefer, Otis
Writing a letter to the editor is an important way to get our message into local newspapers, and out to the people who read them (including Mayors and local officials). And it's easy using our Letter to the Editor tool.

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