A Greener Food Industry

Authors: Green For All

Originally posted on Green Jobs Index

Green jobs aren't all in wind and solar. Recently, Green For All has done a great deal of work raising awareness around another key sector of the green economy: food.

The video above provides a good overview of the challenges of the existing food system: food deserts, obesity, water usage.

But there are solutions. Green For All recently released a report "Green Jobs in a Sustainable Food System" which includes two data-rich appendices articulating opportunities and challenges within the system. For those interested in sharing this information or teaching about it, we also have a brochure and facilitator's guide available as resources.

One-third of children eat a fast food meal every day. Farming uses 80% of America's drinkable water. These statistics aren't sustainable for our health or our environment.

This is the moment for us to do something about it.

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