A Green Recovery For All

Authors: Josh Lynch The era of protest-only politics is over. It's time to get propositional. Your city is about to get a few million dollars for green investment and job training from the Recovery Package. That money can go to big developers to create low-wage jobs in dirty industries that disappear in a few months, or it can go to green collar jobs for people who most need the work. It's up to you! Let's help Obama build a green recovery for all! Organize an Action locally: People across America are standing up for their own vulnerable communities by asking local officials for a plan to ensure equity and ecology is central to their Recovery investing. Green For All and our friends have produced a number of useful resources to help people unpack the Recovery and insert their voice into this process now, before the decisions are made. These resources include a User's Guide to the Recovery Package and a Green Recovery For All Action Toolkit. Here's a taste of what's brewing around the country: Coral Gables, FL: Organizers are planning a "Green Jobs March" to Senator Mel Martinez's office on March 21st. They are calling for a state-level plan to "build the foundation for a strong, local, green economy." Indianapolis, IN: Workers are organizing a forum on the importance of the Recovery Act on March 28th. Minneapolis, MN: The Healthcare Infrastructure and Renewable Energy coalition (H.I.R.E.) is organizing a community meeting at a Unitarian Universalist church to discuss holding elected officials accountable for results from the stimulus. Douglasville, GA: Residents are meeting with their Mayor to talk about potential weatherization training and home building projects. Virginia Beach, VA: Planning a town hall meeting on the Recovery. Blanchard, MI: Meeting with local county officials and planning a new type of housing co-op. St. Petersburg, FL: Building a working group on green job training involving inner city residents. Pushing to ensure at least 20-30% of job training dollars benefit inner city. Josh Lynch is Campaign Manager with Green For All. In recent weeks he has focused on bringing the green investments in the recovery package home to the people, programs, and communities that need them most.

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