A Great Water Action Day Update

Authors: Dorsey Kilbourn, Green The Block

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GTB reps at Long Beach Art Walk

The lively crew in Oaklahoma City

Sizwe Herring and the Earth Matters crew in Nashville

They know that Water is Life at Life is Living in SF

We're still buzzing from a great Green The Block Day of Action and we have so much more to report! We’ve spent the beginning of this week catching up with our event organizers and learning more about the creative events that were hosted.

It was so great to talk with Antoine Cutler from Oklahoma City. He is just starting to get involved in the green movement, and he is really fired up! He organized a group of friends to “hit the streets” and spread the word, and then they set up on their front porch wearing our Green The Block T-shirts, passing out water brochures, and talking about the beauty of water to anybody who would listen.

Laura Martin held a meeting about water conservation at an HIV community center in Las Vegas. She had a speaker from the Sierra Club speak about water pipelines and the government’s role in water issues and then showed the animated film Rango. She also invited members of the audience to speak about water conservation and Nevada’s water issues. Laura was excited by the response from her crowd, and how everyone there was really committed to home water conservation.

Morning Sunday had a block party for Mother Earth in Baltimore with a great turnout despite of the crazy heatwave. She said her favorite part of the event was hearing the children talk about what they knew about the environment. I love that Morning focused on working with her neighborhood children, because it is the youth who really need to understand how important it is to protect our Earth.

In Los Angeles La Causa installed a rain barrel at a corner store and had a table filled with information about water conservation and directions to install a rain barrel of your own. Tony Bautista said the event was a great success and his organization plans to hold more in the future. His community obviously understands the urgency of this issue!

I've posted a few photos here, but definitely head over to Green The Block on Facebook (and don't forget to like us!) to see many more awesome shots. Also keep an eye on our events map, because there are a bunch more events happening across the country this weekend - who knows, maybe there will be one in your neighborhood!

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