"The Story of Broke": A New Video - At Exactly The Right Time

Authors: Rosa Gonzalez

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Does the economic crisis mean our country is broke? Too broke to take care of its citizens?

The makers of The Story of Stuff released a new video today, with a simple answer: No. But our economic system is broken.

We agree. After all, how can we be broke if our tax dollars still pay for billions in subsidies to big oil companies and huge industrial agriculture?

The Story of Broke: Why There’s Still Plenty of Money to Build a Better Future explains in an easy-to-understand way why we might think that. Having us think the country is broke makes it easier to ensure that the money we do have keeps going to the people who already get it.


There's a better way. Green For All and our community partners across the country believe that building a better future means investing in sustainable infrastructure so that our cities have access to fresh water, healthy food, good public transportation and clean air. It also means supporting the development of local economies that communities have more control over their own resources and less vulnerable to economic crisis. All of this means pushing for new economic priorities in this country that put Main Street ahead of Wall Street.

“The Story of Broke” helps us understand how we can begin to make that shift. Share this video with your friends. It's time we invest in a healthy future for all - and create thousands of jobs in the process!

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