"Change is Needed" by Climate Change Crew wins The Dream Reborn Story Contest!

Authors: Julian Mocine-McQueen THIS SITE HAS BEEN ARCHIVED. BELOW LINKS ARE NO LONGER ACTIVE. The winners of The Dream Reborn Story Contest have been chosen by popular vote. Congratulations to the Climate Change Crew out of the Twin Cities, for their grand-prize-winning song "Change is Needed"! The Crew will take home $1,000 and a professionally-made video of their story.     Congratulations also to 2nd prize winner DJ CaveM, for his music video "Wheat Grass," and 3rd prize winner David Estep for his poster entitled "The Dream Reborn". Check out the winning song, video, and graphic art. "Change is Needed" is a smooth, moving track about creating change for communities in need. And the artists, high school students from the Twin Cities, are working to make that change real at home. Read the Climate Change Crew's personal statement:
We are high school students from Minneapolis and St. Paul. We represent the Twin Cities low-income communities of color, whose voices often go unheard when major decisions are made. We work through a lens of understanding that climate change is an “opportune crisis”. We believe that if decisions are made to address climate change with intent to also address current social problems, we can reshape and rebuild our communities so that they are sustainable, both socially and environmentally. In our day-to-day work we are informing our generation about climate change problems and solutions, and are working both to be, and strengthen, the voice for our communities on this important issue. We work on the ground to make our communities sustainable by organizing our neighborhoods around urban agriculture projects, providing people living in food deserts with access to fresh and nutritious foods.
Thank you to everyone who submitted and voted for art from the green-collar economy!

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